Stilo ST5 GT FIA8860-2018

Stilo ST5 GT FIA8860-2018

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Under the new FIA 8860-2018 standard all helmets must withstand the following tests:

Standard impact: Helmet impact at 9.5m/s. Peak deceleration on ‘driver’s head’ shall not exceed 275G.
Low velocity impact: Helmet impact at 6m/s. Peak deceleration shall not exceed 200G with a maximum average of 180g.
Low lateral impact: Helmet impact at 8.5m/s. Peak deceleration shall not exceed 275G.
Crush: A 10kg weight falling 5.1 meters onto helmet. Lateral and longitudinal tests. The transmitted force should not exceed 10 kN.
Shell penetration: A 4kg impactor dropped onto helmet at 7.7 m/s.Visor penetration: Air rifle fires 1.2g pellet at visor. Pellet must not penetrate the interior of the helmet.Visor coating: Transmitter test to ensure colouration and vision is not significantly changed or distorted.
Retention system: Roll-off test and dynamic test to ensure strength of chin strap and its attachments.Chin guard linear impact: Impact test with full headform at 5.5m/s. The peak deceleration shall not exceed 275G.
Chin guard crush: Hammer hits chin guard and measures ability to keep impact away from the head.FHR mechanical strength: Test to ensure high strength of attachment points for Frontal Head Restraints.
Projection and surface friction: Test to ensure helmet surface uniformity and that friction is minimized. Shell surface also subjected to BARCOL hardness test for resistance to penetration.
Flammability: Helmet exposed to 790 Centigrade/ 1454 Fahrenheit flame; it must self-extinguish once flame is removed.

The Stilo Helmets ST5 GT 8860-2018 carbon helmet was designed for professional racers needing to satisfy the strict FIA 8860-2018 regulation. It’s also the helmet of choice for drivers who won’t compromise their safety, no matter where they’re racing. This certification provides an unparalleled level of puncture protection as well as impact resistance.

The Stilo Helmets ST5 GT 8860-2018 is among the lightest-weight carbon fiber racing helmets on the market. With its two integrated side ports, it can be outfitted with any combination of electronics, side- or top-forced air, hydration, and a helmet eject system. Thanks to the innovative design which incorporates mounting and routing for these options at the time of manufacture, integration is sleek and seamless. When not in use, you don't even know these features are there.

Looking for increased visibility? The Stilo Helmets ST5 GT 8860-2018 has a taller and lower eyeport, giving you better visibility while not compromising your safety. Each visor has a center pinch-clip to make opening and closing easy, even while wearing nomex racing gloves.

Additional Features:

FIA 8860-2018 Certified
Includes Stilo HANS posts
Significantly lighter than the previous ST4 helmets
Sizing from Extra Small through 3XL
All ST5 shields are now interchangeable across all ST5 helmets
Eight ventilation holes for use with Stilo Helmets Top Air systems
Prepared for side and frontal drinking systems
Redesigned cheek pads are more contoured and comfortable than previous ST4 helmets
Made from 100% medium tensile carbonWeight (intercom included) +/-30 g:
small shell 1.370 kg (3.0 lbs) large shell 1.470 kg (3.2 lbs)

For the N version of this helmet, which includes side ports, please see the Stilo ST5 FN 8860-2018 Carbon Helmet.

For the absolute lightest weight 8860 approved helmet, see the Stilo ST5 GT ZERO 8860-2018 Carbon helmet.